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Why Cessna Citations?

Focusing on the sale of Cessna Citations and the creation of CessJet™ has been a dream in the making for many years.

Cessna has produced over 7,000 Citation aircraft and continues to create new models. It is a brand that has not only endured, but thrived over the years. The aircraft are plentiful, straightforward to fly, enjoy high numbers of pilots, easy to finance and insure, safe, and have solid resale values. The Citation is a wise choice as a personal or corporate aircraft.

From a brokers’ perspective, it is a plane that can be represented with great confidence and assurance as to the capabilities, performance, cost, and safety of the aircraft. We love these aircraft, the pilots who fly them, and the people who own them. It is a sweet spot in the industry that we find particularly sweet.

There seems to be no end in sight for the Cessna Citation. With the support of a mega corporation like Textron behind it, Cessna can, and no doubt, will continue to produce many more iterations of the Citation that serves all sectors of the business jet market.

Specifications and/or descriptions are provided as introductory information. They do not constitute representations or warranties of CessJet or Tumbleson Aviation Consulting, LLC. Accordingly; you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft. The offer for sale of all aircraft is subject to contract and the aircraft may at any time be withdrawn from the market without prior notice. Specification is subject to verification by the purchaser.

CessJet is legally “Tumbleson Aviation Consulting, LLC. d/b/a CessJet”. Tumbleson Aviation Consulting, LLC is a Tennessee Limited Liability Company.


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